How do I access practice chat from the web based EHR?

Through the drchrono practice chat you are able to communicate internally with other members of your practice group.


1.  Once you login to your web based EHR you will see the "Practice Chat" icon on the bottom right hand corner.



2.  Click on "Practice Chat" and a chat window will pop-up.


3.  From here select who you want to message.  You can pick a specific individual or send a message to the entire practice group.


4.  Once a message is sent a blue icon will appear to alert that individual or individuals they have a new message.


5.  They can click on the "Practice Chat" icon and respond back.  All messages will remain in the chat for later viewing.


How do I delete practice chat messages?

Unfortunately, you can not delete practice chat messages once they are posted. Older messages will disappear as newer ones are posted in the iPad applications over time.

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