How to send a prescription through the iPhone EHR App


Sending a prescription with DrChrono's iPhone EHR App

1.  Select the patient you would like to send the prescription for and tap the menu ( Full_Menu_Icon_Head_3_bars_.png) icon. 



2.  Select Send eRx.



3.  Fill out the prescription information.




  • If you want to print the prescription select the printer icon(Rx_Printer_Icon.png) on the left hand side and print to your local printer. 
  • After manually entering in information if you want to save the prescription as a favorite you can select the star (Rx_Star_favorite_Icon.png) icon in the center. Click here for info on sending favorite prescriptions on the iPhone. 
  • Tap the trashcan ( Rx_Trashcan_Icon_.png) to delete the prescription draft. 


4.  If you need to select a pharmacy, select Tap here to select a pharmacy



5. You can search for a pharmacy, choose from your favorites list or the patient's default. 


If you choose the Search option, tap on Filters to change the parameters of your search.  Select the pharmacy when found. 



6. Next, select Preview in the upper right hand corner.



7. If the prescription is ready to be sent, select Send.  You will see a green eRx has been sent message at the top of the screen once the prescription has been transmitted. 

Send_eRx_Summary.PNG      eRx_Sent_Message_.jpeg


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