Patient Tab menu items on the iPhone EMR app


There are several items available for use located under the "Patient" tab on the iPhone EMR app.  This tutorial will guide you through these options.

Finding the "Patient" tab:

To get to the patient tab, select the three pronged menu item in the upper left hand corner.

Scroll down until you see the "Patient" Section.  There will be a list of several items under this section, below is a description of each.


Patient Profile:

Under "Patient Profile" you will want to ensure you have a patient selected from the appointment list or from the "Find Patients" search function.

Once a patient is selected you will be able to select the patients name and it will take you to their profile.  From here you can schedule an appointment and see basic patient demographic information.  This information is view only and does not allow any edits.  If you want to add patient demographic information or edit you will have to do so through the iPad, web, or Check-in app.

For creating an appointment refer to the following article: Creating an appointment



Under the medications tab you can view any medications you have prescribed or manually entered in under the patient's chart.  This does not include medications the patient entered in during the check-in app process.



The allergy section will show any allergies the patient has, including if they are currently active or inactive allergies.  You will not be able to add, edit, or make any allergies inactive from here.  If you need to add, edit, or make allergies inactive you can do this through the web or iPad.



The problems section will display any active or inactive problems, including the start date.  This is a view only section and any adjustments will need to be made through the web or iPad.


Chart History:

The Chart history will show you all past appointments for the patient.  If you select an appointment it will pull up the clinical note attached for viewing.

You can view any documents associated with the patient by selecting the "Documents" tab  in the upper middle section of the screen.  A list will appear and you can select the document you want to view and pull it up.

You can view any calls that have been logged in by selecting the "Phone Logs" tab on the right hand side.  Select any logged calls you would like to view and it will pull up the associated information.



Insurance Eligibility:

The insurance eligibility tab allows you to see insurance coverage for the patient selected.  This feature is only functional under specific paid accounts.  


Log Phone Call:

Please refer to this article on how to log a phone call: Log a Phone Call

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