Customize your Check-In app Onboarding Workflow


The drchrono Check-In app makes it easy to customize the way you onboard patients.  You can change the order in which patients fill out information or omit information you don't want filled out.  Lets get started!

1.  Log in to the drchrono Check-In app

2.  Select the three pronged menu item in the upper right hand corner.

3.  Select "Customize Workflow."

4.  To change the order the patient fills out information select the three prongs next to the section you want to move.  

For example: Moving "Patient Additional Information" so it appears after "Patient Name."  First select and hold the three prongs next "Patient Additional Information" and drag and drop under "Patient Name."  Now when a patient is filling out onboarding information they will fill out any additional information after entering in their name.

5.  If there are any sections you don't want to appear during the onboarding process just select "Hide."  

If you change your mind and want it to reappear simply select "Show."  It's that simple and easy to use!

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