Appointments List capabilities through the iPhone EMR app


This tutorial will show you the different functionalities in the appointment list through the drchrono EMR iPhone app.

Initial Screen View:

When you login to the EMR app the initial screen will be your appointment list.  Any scheduled appointments for the current day will appear in list format.  To view appointments on alternative dates select the calendar icon on the upper right hand corner and select the date you want to see.


Selecting a patient:

Select the patient you want to view additional information on.  From this screen you will be able to see:

  • The scheduled appointment time
  • The reason for visit
  • The exam room the visit is taking place
  • Any associated copay that has been connected
  • Any associated balance 
  • If you have a square reader payments can be taken from this screen by selecting either "Payment" or "Pay Copay."


Making Appointment Notes:

Appointment notes can be added by selecting the "Notes" button on the middle left hand side (refer to the above picture).  A popup screen will appear and you can add any additional notes.  These notes will not appear on the patient's clinical notes and is for internal use only.


Take a patient photo to add to the patient's chart:

From here you can take a picture of the patient to add to their chart or to change their current picture.  To do this select the camera icon in the upper right hand corner. Select "Take Profile Photo" and take the picture.  The photo will now be added to the patient chart as the patients profile picture.

Take a patient clinical photo to add to their clinical note:

You can also take a clinical photo by alternatively selecting "Take Clinical Photo" after following the previous steps.  Any photos taken from here will be added to the patients clinical note.

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