DrChrono on the Apple Watch


Need to know what your schedule looks like for the day? You can certainly do this from the Apple Watch. In conjunction with your iPhone, you can download the DrChrono Apple Watch app (you must have already installed the DrChrono EHR/EMR app to your phone.) 

To download the Apple Watch app you must use your iPhone:

  1. Locate the watch tile button and open it
  2. Scroll down to the section "Available Apps" and click on install next to the DrChrono EHR(this will download the DrChrono app to your watch) 
  3. After downloading go to your Apple Watch and open the app. 

*NOTE: If you receive a message on the watch asking you to log in, go to your phone and in the DrChrono app log out and then log back in to refresh. Then go to the Apple Watch and open the app (tap "Cancel" at the top left of the watch face to refresh the screen if need be). 

Now you have the ability to check your schedule for the day from your Apple Watch:

Check your messages:

Chat with your team:

Lastly, you can review labs & Rx Refills, directly from your wrist!



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