HCFA Form for Auto Accident Claims

  If you need to complete a HCFA form for an Auto Accident Claim, follow the simple steps below:


1) Make sure Auto Accident Insurance information is updated by going into the patient's Clinical Chart > click on Demographics > Insurances > Auto Accident


2) From the Appointment Pop-Up you will want to click on Billing > select correct Billing Status (Auto Accident Claim) > save the changes to the appointment. 

*** Please note, selecting Auto Accident Claim as the status will send out the claim electronically during the next file pull. ***

  • You are able to print the HCFA to mail or fax without sending the claim electronically if you choose.  Just select or create a separate billing status (suggestion - Auto Accident Claim Submitted) so that you can keep track of them.


3) Stay in the Appointment Pop- Up and click on Other Form > select HCFA Form 


4) Updated HCFA Form with Auto Accident information entered 


5) You can then mail or fax the claim to the auto carrier for consideration and reimbursement. 


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