Taking a picture of insurance cards in the Check-In App


Now your patients can take pictures of their insurance cards (front and back) right from the drchrono check-in app. It's super easy!

1. Select the patient from the appointment list and click the blue "Onboarding" button

2. Hand over the iPad so the patient can start filling out their information

3. There's now a section where the patient can take pictures of their insurance cards. They need to click on this section here in order to do this

4. Click on each box to take a picture of the front/back first/second insurance card

5. Line up the insurance card with the box on the screen and snap the photo!

6. Looks good? Click the orange "Save" button

7. Make sure to get a picture of the back of the insurance card

8. And you're done! 



  • Once the patient has take the pictures, where do we see them on the drchrono EHR?

You can see these insurance card photos under the Patient Demographics Insurance tab. 

  • Can my patients use their webcam with onpatient to take a photo of their insurance card?

At this time onpatient does not have this functionality, but we do plan to add it in the future.

  • What if I want to have our staff take the photos of the insurance card? Where can they do this?

If you open a Patient Chart in the iPad EHR app and click on the "Patient Information" tab, you can take the pictures yourself.


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