iPad eRx: How to make default or favorite pharmacies


Setting Up Default/Favorite Pharmacies

On the iPad, you can set pharmacies as default or as a favorite similarly to the drchrono web EHR. To set pharmacies as default, first access the new prescription page (Patient Chart > Tap on Patient Name > Select 'Send eRx' on the drop down menu). Look to the bottom of the page and you will see a section labeled 'Pharmacy'. Select the magnifying glass icon to start searching for a pharmacy.



Once you tap the magnifying glass icon, you will be taken to the pharmacy search panel. Enter the pharmacy zip code or name into the search box with any desired search parameters to search for your pharmacy. On the list of pharmacies that appear in the results, tap on your desired pharmacy.


Once you've selected your pharmacy, you will be presented with the pharmacy details. On this pane, select either 'Add To Favorite' or 'Set As Patient Default'.  If you select add to favorite the pharmacy will be added to your overall favorites list which applies to all patients.  If you select set as patient default, it will be added in as the patient's default pharmacy.





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