How to Delete a Claim From DrChrono


Please follow the below instructions to delete a Claim / Appointment from DrChrono:

1. Please hover over Billing and choose Live Claims Feed.



2. Navigate to the patient and date of service that you would like to delete from the DrChrono system.


3. Once on the Billing Detail screen, click on View Service.  The appointment window will appear as a pop up.


4. In the Schedule Appointment screen, please click on Delete at the bottom, to delete the appointment from your account. 





5. Once you click Delete, you will receive a warning pop up message.  If you are sure you want to delete, just click on Delete.   Please note, deleting the appointment will also delete the associated clinical note.




6.  If this claim has been submitted to insurance, you will want to send a voided claim to have the payer remove from their records as well.

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