Why is the claim being rejected?

Please follow the instructions below to review why the claim has been rejected by the Payer / Clearinghouse and the reason for the rejection.

1. Hover over the “Billing” and choose “Live Claims Feed”.

2. Click on the "Claim status" (Dropdown), you will need to uncheck “All Statuses” and choose “Rejected”.

3. This will populate all the claims that have been rejected by the insurance company.

4. Click on the “Date of service” to review the rejection.

5. In the “Billing Detail” screen, click on the link which reads “Rejected”.

This will direct you to the “Claim status” page and will provide details to the rejection reason.

After you've reviewed the rejection reason and made changes to the claim, you will need to check the box “Resubmit claim” and then click on “Verify and save”.

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