What can I import into DrChrono?

When getting started with the DrChrono EHR, you may import data from your previous EHR in order to expedite your setup process. The following information may be imported into DrChrono.

Patient Demographics

You can bulk upload your patients and their demographics on our paid plans. To learn how to do this, refer to this article and video

Fee Schedules

You can upload your fee schedules so you can have your payment amounts for particular codes already in the system. To upload your fee schedules, you will need a CSV file that our support staff can add to your account. The CSV file should be organized in the following format:

Contact Lists

You can now upload a list of your contacts so you can start sending referrals right away. The guide to uploading your contact list can be found here.

Custom Codes

You can import a list of custom codes. Learn how to do that here.

Categories for your Custom Codes

You may upload categories to your custom codes. Refer to the guide found here.

Please note DrChrono does do custom imports of CCDA files and other data. If you're interested in these more specialized imports please contact our sales team.

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