How Do I Manage FreeDraw Settings?


To provide you with more choices in how images appear in your clinical notes, DrChrono has provided some finer controls for you to manage in your account.  

These settings are automatically set by default to display FreeDraw images at the end of clinical notes. However, you now have the ability to deselect this so that the images are shown throughout the body of your clinical notes if desired.  

To manage these account settings, follow these steps: 

1. Hover your cursor over the Account tab and click on Settings. 



2. Please Click on the General tab within your Account Settings. 



3. Scroll down to Clinical Notes.  Please select Move Non-SOAP FreeDraws to End.  If you would like your images to be displayed throughout the body of your clinical notes, UNCHECK this check box. 



4. Finally, scroll to the bottom and click Save to save your account setting changes.

You can toggle these settings back and forth at any time.  Please ensure that to save your changes, you click Save to lock the preference.  

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