How do I resend or individually send OnPatient invites?


When you send an OnPatient invite, your patient has one week to accept your invitation to connect. If your invite times out and your patient cannot connect with you via OnPatient, you'll need to resend an invite.

1. To begin, navigate to your patient's chart. 


2. In the chart, select 'onpatient Access' on the left-hand navigation menu. 


3. Within the 'OnPatient Access' page you'll see the OnPatient status for your patient. If your patient does not have OnPatient enabled, you'll see an additional section that will inform you that your patient cannot use OnPatient.

To invite a patient to OnPatient, you need their email and either the patient's social security number or their date of birth and phone number. 

If you satisfy all the requirements, click on the Enable Patient Access button on the upper right hand corner and you will be able to see your access history updated with a 'Pending...' status. When your patient accepts your OnPatient invite, you'll be informed on your access history.

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