Why is the claim rejected by Emdeon stating “RELATED CAUSES CODE: REQUIRED; MUST INDICATE ACCIDENT FOR PAYER. “

1. Hover over the "Billing" Tab and choose "Live Claims Feed".

2. Search for the patient appointment by the Patient name or Chart ID .

3. Choose the patient > Click on the visit date.

4. In the Billing Detail screen, if the “HCFA Box 10 - Is patient's condition related to:” is chosen “Yes” for Auto Accident and in the “Billing Status” as “Bill Insurance”. The claim will get rejected stating “RELATED CAUSES CODE: REQUIRED; MUST INDICATE ACCIDENT FOR PAYER.”

5. When you are billing the claims out to the Auto accident insurance, update the insurance information in the Demographics > Auto Accident section.

6. To bill an Auto Accident claim out, make sure you are choosing the “Billing Status” as "Auto Accident".

7. If the appointment is not related to an auto accident, choose “No” for Employment, Auto Accident and Other Accident in the section "Is Patient condition related to" and resubmit the claim to the insurance company.

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