How do I Update the Payer ID in DrChrono in Bulk?


  If you have a lot of patient charts that need their payer id added or updated, you can do them in bulk instead of going into each individual patient chart.  Here's how to do it (and save yourself loads of time!)


1. Hover over the Billing Tab and choose Bulk Edit Payer IDs.



2. Once in the Bulk Edit Payer IDs section, you will see a list of all of the insurances documented in all of your patient charts with a count of how many patients have it as a primary, secondary, tertiary, DME, AA or WC carrier.

3. In this screen, you are able to change any section of patients at once.

  • First,  identify the line you would like to update; it could be to add or change the payer id.


  • Next, click on the blue Edit on the right that corresponds with the row you are updating.



Here is where you will select what to update (primary/secondary/tertiary/dme/aa/wc) and which code to update.

  • The top row New Payer Name will allow you to search for a payer by name or payer id.  If you start typing, it will show you matching options.



  • Once you have made your selections of payer name/payer id and which fields you would like to update (primary, secondary, tertiary, DME, AA, WC), click on Update.   The system will update those files in the patient's chart for you.




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