How Do I Set Up a Fee Schedule?


Fee Schedules in the DrChrono EHR

A fee schedule is a listing of what you charge for each of your services.  

To get started with fee schedules, mouse over Billing in your navigation bar and select Fee Schedule.


2. Click on + Add New and choose from the Code Type dropdown whether you want to add CPT, HCPCS, or Custom code to the Fee schedule screen.

3. Enter the code in the Code search field, Base price (the price you would like to charge for that service) and click on Create.


4. If you know the expected allowed amount (amount paid by the payer and due from the patient) from the payer, please enter the $ value in the Expected reimbursement field and then enter the corresponding payer id in the Payer ID field. 


If you have multiple payers with differing expected allowed amounts, you can enter them as separate entries.  Having the expected allowed amount entered for each of your payers will allow the system to capture any posted payments that do not match the expected reimbursement amount entered and will place them in Billing > Underpaid Items.  The billing team can then contact each payer and discuss the underpayment.

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