How many NPI numbers/Tax ID’s can I have associated with my account?

For an independent provider:
If you are an independent provider you are able to enter in one rendering NPI number and one billing NPI number, typically this will be the same number.  They could be different if you are credentialed and billing under a practice name, instead of your individual NPI.
For a practice group:
If you are apart of a practice group you can enter in your rendering provider NPI number as well as the billing number for the practice group, if you are billing as a group under the organizational NPI.
A part of a practice group, but billing independently:
If you are apart of a practice group in DrChrono, but you want to bill out independently you will enter in your rendering NPI number as well as the billing NPI number you will be using.  This will most likely be the same as your rendering NPI number.
To see where to enter in your NPI number and Tax ID please go to the following article: Entering in NPI number and Tax ID
If you are in a practice group and have multiple tax ID#'s and billing NPI numbers to bill from you will have to set up an office attaching the numbers you would like to use (typically this will be an organizational NPI number).  Please use the following article to see where to enter in this information: Adding an NPI and Tax ID to an office location
When you schedule an appointment in an office with a billing NPI number and tax ID number associated with it, your claims will be submitted under that billing NPI.  This will override the NPI number in the providers account settings.
This is useful if you need to bill to multiple businesses as one provider.  
If you have a specific payer that needs to be billed differently than the rest, you can make those changes per payer under Insurance SetUp (link).
Please contact support or speak with your implementation manager with any additional questions.  
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