Does the Insurance Payment go to DrChrono or will it Come to the Practice?


      All insurance payments will come to you however you have them set up with each payer; either through paper check or direct deposited into your account if you have set up EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) with the payer. 


  •    Changing from Paper checks to EFT

     If you are receiving paper checks now and want to switch to EFT, you will need to contact the individual payer.   Some have forms to fill out while others will set it up via electronic request.  Please refer to the payer's website for additional information and next steps.  Each payer is different but will provide their specific instructions.



     For patient payments processed via Square through your DrChrono account, they will come to you however you have it set up with Square.   

     For patient payments that are a check as a result of a paper statement, will go to whatever address you have designated.  For more information regarding patient statements, please refer to





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