How to use the Adjustment Master screen?


   Adjustment Master screen enables a provider to set up their own "Action to be taken" for the adjustment reason codes which will override the current rule of payment posting in DrChrono.

  • Example: Currently, in the DrChrono system the adjustment reason code "CO45" will automatically adjust off the balance, however, if the provider wants to transfer the claim to a specific status so it can be reviewed before being adjusted, this screen will allow you to do that.

Follow these instructions below:

1. Hover over the Billing tab and select Adjustment Master:




2. Please click on +Add New to set an adjustment rule.


3. This screen will allow you to select the Adjustment code, Group Code, CPT/HCPCS/Custom code, Payer and the Action to be taken as per the requirements. You can also leave the "Code Type" field blank if it is not for a specific code.


Once the rule is created, the "Action" will be taken automatically when the providers receive an ERA. For manual posting, the changes will reflect once the appointment is saved.

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