I need to enter the referring provider's information in Box 17 in HCFA 1500. How do I do it?

Please follow the instructions given below to enter the referring physician information in the patient’s demographics. This will get automatically update in all claims for the patients.

1) Please click on the message icon towards the top right corner.

2) On the left panel, please select “Contacts” which is located below the "Referrals" and then click on "+New" (Towards the top right).


3) In the "New Referral Contact" screen, enter the Doctors First name, Last name, Address, Speciality & NPI and click on "Add Contact".

Once the doctor's contact is added to the contact list. Please follow the below instructions to add the referring provider to the patient's demographics:

1) Hover over the "Patients" Tab and click on "Patient List".

2) Enter the Patient's Name or Chart ID in the patient search field.

3) This will direct you to the patient's demographics section.

4) In the Patient's demographics section, click on "Demographics" tab.

5) Scroll down to the "Referring Doctor" section and enter the doctor's name in the "Referring Doctor Search" field.

6) Once you enter the referring doctors information, please scroll down and click on "Save Demographics".

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