Submitting Claims to Multiple Primary Insurances.

In order to submit claims to multiple primary insurance, you will need to submit a ticket to the support team to have this feature enabled. Once the request is processed and the feature is activated, please follow the steps outlined below:


1. Please select a patient and go to demographics screen.

2. Please add the primary insurance information in the “Primary Ins” tab and “Save Demographics”.

3. Click on “Manage Alternative Insurances and History”.

4. In this screen you will find the patient’s primary insurance listed as default.

5. In order to add another primary insurance click on “+Primary Ins” button.

6. Here, you need to enter the alternative primary insurance information for the patient and click on “Create”.

7. And now you will find two primary insurances listed for the patient, and first insurance listed as default.

8. Now you will need to schedule an appointment for the patient and choose the primary insurance.

9. Hover over “Schedule”, click on “Calendar” and select the appointment date and time.

10. In the appointment tab, enter the Patient Name/Chart ID.

11. Click on the “Billing” tab and select the “Primary Insurer” drop down and then you would need to choose the "Primary Insurance" that should be billed for this appointment.

12. Click on "save" to bill the claim out.

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