How to Create an Office and Edit the NPI, Tax ID, POS and Billing Name


 Please follow the below steps to create an office:

  1. Hover over the Account and Select Offices.


2. On the right of the screen, click on + Add New Office and enter the information in the Basic tab. (Example: Office name, Facility name, Address, Number/Name for Exam Rooms, etc.)



3. Click on the Billing Tab and choose the Place of service/POS (For example: 11 for your medical office location) from the Facility Code dropdown. (2nd line listed)


4.  If you provide services outside of your medical office and away from where you would receive your reimbursements, please be sure to fill out the Billing Provider Office section.. This will control what information (office/address) that appears in box 33 of the HCFA1500 form, and which address payments could be sent.  You may need to set up a separate Pay to Address office as a placeholder to use for this purpose.  Otherwise, you can use an existing office location if that is where you normally receive your payments.



5.  If the Billing NPI, Tax ID and Practice official is the same from Account > Settings, please leave the fields blank and click on Save.



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