Getting Set Up with DrChrono EPCS

EPCS Registration in DrChrono EHR

If you have a TransUnion credit freeze OR fraud alert in place, please be sure to have it temporarily lifted before beginning the Duo enrollment process. You may call 888-909-8872 or visit for credit freezes OR for fraud alerts.

Please note: you must wait 48 hours before attempting to register for Duo after credit freeze or fraud alert removal. 

DrChrono has worked alongside various security and regulatory boards to ensure that your ability to prescribe controlled substances electronically is a smooth and secure process. We have recently partnered with Inflection/DUO to complete the identity verification process. This process of registering your account for EPCS does require additional steps. However, we are here to guide you through the process.

Please note that if you are signing up for EPCS there is an additional $10 monthly fee added to your invoice. You must have a provider account, staff accounts are unable to utilize the EPCS functionality.


Verifying Your Identity can be done using a utility account or financial institution and is initiated in the following steps:

To get started with the identity verification process, please follow the instructions below while on a desktop/laptop computer:


1. Hover over Account > Account Settings > eRx Info.Set up eRx info in account settings


2. Click on "Register to use EPCS." Please note that clicking on this means that you agree to the terms and conditions listed below.

Register to use EPCS


3. Select "Enroll." You will then be sent an email containing a confirmation link to the email address registered to your DrChrono account. Click the link to get started.

EPCS enrollment



4. Now you will need to verify your identity. Select "Continue to Inflection EPCS" and after reading the instructions on the next page carefully, select "Continue."

continue to use inflection EPCS and Continue


Welcome to DUOFollow the instructions carefully when enrolling

For additional information on Inflection and frequently asked questions visit Inflection: EPCS Support FAQs.


Verifying through a Utility Account:

The first way to verify your identity is through a utility account.

1. Enter your personal details and select "Continue." You will need to use a phone number that is registered to your legal name and home address. The phone number can be either a mobile or landline phone. You must have access to this phone number when completing ID proofing. This phone number should be tied to your legal name as it appears on the ID proofing screen and the home address entered.

Verify your personal details in Inflection


2. Verify your utility account through either voice call or SMS.

verify your identity in inflection


3. Enter the code you were provided and select "Verify."

set up 2 factor authentication

4. As a security check, you will be prompted to answer three security questions. Once the questions are answered, select the blue "Finish" button. If the verification is successful, you will see this screen below. Select the blue "Approve" button to proceed.

verification complete


Verifying through a Financial Account:

If for any reason your identity cannot be verified through a Utility Account you will receive the message below indicating that you can move forward with verification via your financial institution.

1. Select "Verify with a financial account instead."

verify with financial account


2. Select "Verify your Financial Account."

verify your identity with financial account


3. Click "Continue."

continue on


4. Select or search for your bank.

select bank


5. Enter your banking login credentials.

enter bank login info


6. The system will verify the information, and you will then be prompted to receive a security code either by phone call or text.

Please Note: The phone number displayed on this screen is associated with what your bank has on record. If any changes need to be made to this form of contact, please log in to your bank separately to make any changes. Once those changes are made you will need to revisit the original email that Duo Security sent you and click the link to restart the process.

7. Enter the code and select "Submit." 

8. You should see that the information was received. Click the blue "Continue" button to proceed.

Please Note: If this step is not successful or you do not feel comfortable with entering your financial account credentials, please visit this help article to complete a manual verification with Inflection: Inflection Manual Verification.

9. Once the verification is complete, you will be prompted to answer three multiple-choice security questions. If successful, you will receive the message in the screenshot below. Select "Approve" to move forward with adding a device for two-factor authentication.


verification complete

*IMPORTANT* TransUnion limits the number of attempts at passing the security questions to 3 times in 15 days. If you fail the multiple-choice security questions 3 times within a 15 day period you will need to wait 15 days before attempting again. If you reattempt too soon, the 15 day lock-out period will start over. Inflection recommends calling their support team at 855-496-1546 to check on the number of days left in your lock-out period before trying again.


Adding a Device for 2-factor authentication:

You'll first need to install the Duo Mobile application onto your iPhone, iPad or Android device. The reason for this is that every time you prescribe a controlled substance, you will need to enter a 6-digit passcode to verify your identity. This extra level of security protects all of our users.

Please note, you can not use the same device to both prescribe a controlled substance and generate the Duo Mobile security code. You will need to prescribe from a separate device from that which you receive the Duo Mobile security code.



1. Select "Start setup."

add device to account

2. Select the type of device you will be adding. A mobile phone is recommended. Click "Continue."

Please Note: During this process, you will only be allowed to add one device. To add a secondary device, please contact our support team HERE.

choose type of device

3. Enter the phone number of the device you will be adding.

enter phone number

4. Select what type of phone you are using.

type of phone


5. Install the Duo Mobile App. Once installed select "I have Duo Mobile Installed."

install on ios


6. Open the Duo Mobile App and scan the barcode.
activate for ios


7. Once you see the green checkmark click "Continue."

continute activation


8. Select "Finish Enrollment."

my settings and device


9. Enrollment Successful!

enrollment successful


**You will need to go back to your DrChrono account and go to Account > Account Settings > eRx Info to continue.**


Identity Confirmation must also be completed in your DrChrono account

1. It is required that two colleagues confirm your identity. To do this go to Account > Account Settings > eRx Info and scroll to the bottom grey box labeled "Other Approvers."

Note: Please visit this article with information on how to add a staff member if you do not have any staff members added to your account: How do I create a staff account?

2. Select two accounts that you wish to confirm your identity from the list. The DEA mandates that if at least one provider within your practice group has gone through the ID proofing process, at least one of them must confirm your identity. Click "Update Entire Profile" to send out confirmation requests.

identify confirmation part 2

3. Your colleagues will need to log into their DrChrono accounts and go to their message center to open the confirmation request message.request message

open confirmation


4. Once the email is open select the Confirmation page hyperlink.

open confirmation page


5. Confirm the information, click the checkbox, and select "Confirm Identity."  Please note: If a provider is confirming the identity the Authorization code required is from their DUO mobile app. 

confirm identity step


6. Once both of your choices confirm your identity, you're done with the verification process!


Once you have completed these steps, a ticket is created in DrChrono to activate your EPCS feature. This process usually takes 1-2 days. As soon as the process is completed we will notify you through the email registered to your DrChrono account to let you know you're ready to e-prescribe controlled substances.

Please refer to this article for information on how to prescribe controlled substances: How to Prescribe Controlled Substances.

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