How to Prescribe Controlled Substances

If you haven't set up your account to electronically subscribe controlled substances, please check out this article first so you can get started.

1. When filling out an eRx, if it's a controlled substance you'll get a notice above the prescription a warning that lists the controlled substance and the level of the controlled substance.

2. When selecting a pharmacy, some will have warnings that they do not accept prescriptions for controlled substances. You can not send EPCS to these pharmacies.

3. You'll then need to select your office that was registered for EPCS to send the prescription.

4. As always you need to preview the prescription before sending. You'll notice that you'll also need to sign off on all controlled substances.

5. Check the "Ready to sign" checkbox.

6. In addition to entering your DrChrono password, you'll then need to enter the authentication code from your Duo Mobile app on your mobile device. 

7. Doing this will send the electronic prescriptions successfully!


As part of increased security, you will receive a monthly message in your message center with a log of all EPCS related events taken in your account

You'll also be able to search for EPCS related events in your audit log by filtering EPCS type events.

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