What is Underpaid Items?


This feature will assist the biller and/or provider in identifying claims where the insurance payer did not allow the allowed amount.  Allowed Amount = amount paid by the insurance company + the amount the patient owes)

Under Billing > Fee Schedule,  you add a base price like normal, but also add the expected allowed  amount and payer id.  To add the expected allowed amounts for multiple payers, multiple entries will be required.

As ERAs/EOBs are posted, the DrChrono system will verify that the allowed amount matches what has been entered as the "expected reimbursement".  If it does not match, the system will list it under Billing > Underpaid Items so it can be followed up on.



This section allows you to filter the report by Date of service, CPT/HCPCS/Custom Code, Insurer and Compare by Paid/Allowed. You can view the appointment by clicking on the Date of service and it will direct you to the Billing Detail Screen.

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