How do I get a monthly report with the insurance payment, adjustment and patient payment (Day sheet).

Day Sheet screen provides you the day end or month end report. The report is based on the payment posted date and not by date of service. Let's get started:

1. Hover over "Billing" tab and select "Day Sheet":

2. Under "Default" tab, input the date range (max 31days). You can filter the report for a specific patient, Office, Exam room and Reason code > click on "Update".

3. Grand totals or Debit will give you the total charges based on the procedure posted date.

4. Credits & Adjustments shows the insurance payments and adjustments based on the payment posted date. You can filter the report by "Check Date or Deposit date".

5. Patient Payments shows the payments which were paid by the patients. You can sort the report by Posted date, Method of payment or by the user who posted the payments (Creator).

6. Charges is similar with the "Debit" but this will list all the charges along with the appointments.

7. Action will allow you to export the report into an excel format or Print the report.

"Print All" will print all the 4 sections in one page.

"Print Current section" will print only the section which you are on.

"Export All to File" will export all the 4 sections reports into one excel sheet.

"Export Current Section" will export only the section which you are on.

"Advanced Export" will allow you to generate the report for more than a month.




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