How to create a Custom Procedure ?


DrChrono makes it easy to create special custom procedure codes for items or services provided that will not be billed to a patient's insurance.  Here is how you can create them: 


1. Hover your cursor over Billing tab and choose New Custom Procedure.



2. Enter the required details in the fields and click on the Save button.

  •     Please note, for the code itself, only upper case letters, a period and/or numbers will be accepted.  It will not allow spaces.


Best practices:

  • If you would like to attach the custom procedure to your inventory so you know exactly how many of an item you have on hand and when it is time to replenish your supply, it needs to be entered as a product under Type of Product (Service/Product).


  • Also, for injectables such as Botox, it is best to put in the base cost per 1 unit.  When you are adding to a patient's appointment, you can enter the number of units (for example, 25 units) and the system will calculate the total cost for you.


Note:  The system will not allow custom procedure codes to be billed to insurance and will not appear on the HCFA1500 form.  They can only bill to the patient.

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