How to mail claims to secondary along with the primary EOB?

This article explains the steps how to mail the claims to the secondary insurance with the primary EOB. There are two different scenarios for this type of claim:

  •  When the secondary insurance is not contracted with Emdeon (clearinghouse) and you are using a PRNT payer ID.
  •  You are using an electronic payer but the specific payer does not accept secondary claims electronically.

drchrono makes it easy for you to identify this types of claims by throwing an error message when you select the "Billing Status" as "Bill Secondary Insurance".

"Error message: Appointment updated, but billing will not be processed: Paper claim for secondary insurance can not be transmitted electronically. You have to manually send the claims along with primary EOB"

When you get the above error message while billing the secondary claims, you would need to follow the steps outlined below to print the claim and the primary EOB:

1. Hover over the "Billing" and choose "Live Claims Feed".

2. Search for the patient and click on the visit date which will take you to the billing details screen

3. To print the claim form, click on "HCFA/1500" if you have the color printer or click on "HCFA/1500(text)" if you have the original red form towards the top right.

4. To print the primary EOB, scroll down towards the line item and click on the magnifying glass next to the check number. This will access the Remittance Reports screen. Click on "Print ERA" on the right corresponding to the patient's visit date and print the screen. If you have the EOB uploaded in the system, click on "View EOB".

The "Print ERA" or "View EOB" is accessible from another screen by following the steps outlined below:

1. Billing > Remittance Reports

2. Search for the check# and click on the check# link

3. Click on "View EOB" or "Print ERA".








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