Medical Billing 101: Getting to Know the Billing Menu


 Familiarizing Yourself With The Billing Menu



  • Billing Summary: An overview of your financials comparing the current month to the previous, quarter to date to the previous, and year to date
  • Live Claims Feed: A comprehensive way of viewing your claims and where they are in the RCM cycle
  • Patient Payments: Displays a list of patients with an open balance and also provides payment history from the patient 
  • Day Sheet: Designed to provide a day to day snapshot of your finances, detailing charges, credits/adjustments and insurance/patient payments. 
  • Transactions: Provides an appointment-by-appointment view detailing the diagnostics, services, inventory code used, quantities, amount billed, adjustments, insurance paid, and patient paid.
  • Remittance Reports: Tracks your electronic ERAs and paper EOBs
  • Unmatched ERAs: If there is a response from the payer on an ERA that cannot be matched to an appointment will post here.  They could be appointments billed out of a different/previous system.
  • Accounts Receivable: A summary of outstanding insurance and patient receivables
  • Patient Statements: Displays a detailed view of patient payments and balances but focuses on generating and tracking statements.
  • Product/Procedure: Keeps track of the products and services you have bill to your patients/payers and tracks the statistics (units, charges, insurance, patient payment, adjustment).
  • Patient Balance Ledger: Views the combined insurance + patient payment to see how it contributes to the bottom line.
  • Fee Schedule: Allows you to set up your services and the prices associated 
  • Underpaid Items: Will document instances of underpayment by a payer, if the expected reimbursement amount is loaded into the fee schedule with the payer id. 
  • Adjustment Master: An easy way to view and manage the adjustments on your claims.
  • Sales Tax: Lets you track prices pre and post taxes and the tax amount paid.
  • Billing Log: A complete log of billing changes, including changes your staff members have made.






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