How to post patient refund in DrChrono?


Posting a patient refund in drchrono is easy. Once the refund is issued to the patient, follow the steps outlined below to document or post in the patient account:

1. Hover over the "Billing" tab and select "Patient Payments":



2. Click on the "Patient Payments" tab and search for the patient. This page will list all the payments which are posted for the particular patient which was selected.

3. To post the refund, you would need to add a new transaction in negative by following the steps below:

a. Select the "Payment Date" and the "Appointment Date" which you want to refund

b. Select the "Payment Type" and enter a note for your reference

c. Enter the refund amount in negative (-0.00) and click on "Add"

The amount will automatically get deducted from the appointment which you have selected.

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