Customizing the OnPatient Onboarding/Check-In Interface


Through OnPatient, your patients can have a seamless visit experience when their information is automatically synced with your DrChrono EHR. After familiarizing yourself with OnPatient, it's time to customize your OnPatient interface and make it your own.

The OnPatient patient interface comes with some default sections and a few customizable sections. Sections can be hidden or reordered.  Fields within the sections can be made required. 

Some Customizable sections can be manipulated through the form builder and can have custom fields entered into them, including short text fields, single/multi checkboxes, switches, selection boxes, and fraction fields. This guide will only briefly cover the template builder which can be explored more in depth here.

OnPatient Forms: Required Fields, Reordering & Removing Sections

To reach the OnPatient Forms Editor, mouse over the Clinical on your navigation bar, and select OnPatient Forms.


Once in the form editor, you can modify how patients interact with the OnPatient and Check-In App interface. For reference, the OnPatient sections that are changed with this page can be viewed here



Removing Default Sections from the Interface

To remove sections from the interface, check the hidden checkbox to the right of the unwanted section. When the box is checked, the section will be grayed out indicating that the section has been removed from OnPatient and Check-In.  

Reordering Sections

To reorder sections within OnPatient / Check-In, click on the Reorder Forms button. When you select the Reorder Forms the button will lock in a darkened state, indicating that the sections within the page can be reordered.  Simply drag and drop the sections into the desired order, and then click Reorder Forms again to save your changes. 


Required Fields

You can make fields mandatory by clicking on the check box next to the field.  Patient's will not be able to check in without filling out the required fields.


The required fields will automatically show up in red if they are incomplete. At the bottom of the page, the patient will be unable to use the I'm done button until the required fields have been filled in.



More Information 

The More Information section contains any custom demographics that you create and set to be displayed on OnPatient. 


Customizing Additional Information and Reasons for Visit

To customize the Additional Information and ReOnpatient_Check_In_More_Information_.pngasons for Visit sections on OnPatient Forms, you'll need to access the Form Builder

From the navigation bar, mouse over Clinical and select Form Builder


In the Form Builder, select the Presets tab on the left-hand Form List, the select one of the two OnPatient templates, 'Additional Info' and 'Reasons for Visit'.

You'll be presented with the default fields for the template. You can add, remove, or change any fields you would like by dragging and dropping the desired fields to the template to fill out. More information on Form Building can be found here.


You can then see your changes on the OnPatient / Check In workflow. 


Again, this guide only explains the basics of using the builder. For a more comprehensive guide, check out our guide on the Form Builder.

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