Automatically Sending Your Statements to onpatient

Automatically Sending onpatient Statements

Through onpatient, your patients can monitor everything regarding their care with you. With onpatient, your patients can also view their statements. This guide will go over how to send your patients statements through onpatient.

 Enabling the Automatic onpatient Statement Setting

From your navigation bar, mouse over 'Account' then select 'onpatient Settings'.



This will take you to the onpatient Settings page, where all patient portal related settings are stored. Click on the 'Communication' tab. Here, there's a setting titled 'Automatically send patient statements to onpatient'. Check this setting and click 'Update onpatient Settings' to apply your change.


Once this checkbox is selected, every time you send a statement through Billing > Patient Statements, a copy of the patient's statement is delivered to their onpatient portal.

When a patient hits view, a PDF of the statement will be available for the patient's individual records.





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