Familiarizing yourself with OnPatient Onboarding/Check-In


The OnPatient portal is a powerful way to give your patients a seamless experience when visiting your office. Most prominently, your patients can be onboard/check-in through the OnPatient website or iOS application and have all their information saved in DrChrono. 

Within the DrChrono EHR, you can customize what the patient will see and enter in the form. The sections here are shown as the default sections that come with your DrChrono account. Each section can be reordered or removed based on your needs.

The information obtained through OnPatient check-in is stored in the patient's chart or in their clinical visit.  


Patient Chart Information

The following sections populate information to the patient's chart:

  • Profile Photo
  • Name & Gender
  • Address
  • Background Information 
  • Contact Information 
  • More Information (Custom Demographics
  • Emergency Contact
  • Primary Insurance
  • Secondary Insurance
  • Insurance Photo
  • Consent Forms

These sections allow patients to enter all their basic check-in information: Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Social Security, Language, Race, Ethnicity, Contact Information, address etc.  



Once entered and saved, the data will appear in the patient's chart under the Important, Demographics, and Insurances tabs. 


Consent Forms

Consent forms can be read and signed through OnPatient.  After being signed, consent forms are stored in the chart under Documents Signed Consent Forms




Clinical Note Information 

The Additional Information and Reasons for Visit sections are customizable sections which you may add any fields you wish using the DrChrono EHR Form Builder. Any short text fields, single/multi checkboxes, switches, selection boxes, and fraction fields can be added here. A sample template is shown below.


To edit these sections go to Clinical Form Builder and select the form to edit under the preset form list. 


Allergies, Medications, Conditions, and Questions and Comments

Patients can  verify their medications, allergies, and conditions and document any changes. Additionally they can note questions or comments for the provider. 



Once entered and saved, the information can be found in the clinical note under the OnPatient/Check-In section under the respective tab.  Providers can discuss the responses with the patient and make and adjustments or notes in the chart or note. 


When everything has been completed, the patient may select I'm done  and have all the information in this form uploaded to DrChrono and populated into their patient account or clinical note. 



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