Using Diagnosis Codes (ICD-9/10)

ICD codes (short for International Classification of Diseases), are diagnosis codes standardized by the World Health Organization with each code referring to a specific diagnosis. In the drchrono EHR, ICD codes are implemented through appointments. In the new appointment form (Schedule > Calendar > +New Event), fill out the appointment basic information and hit save. The 'Billing' tab will then be available to select. 

Select the 'Billing' tab. Here, you can select your ICD version (9 or 10) then enter in ICD codes corresponding to your patient's diagnosis.

To change your ICD version, click the ICD Version drop-down menu to select your ICD code.


To add ICD-10 codes to your appointment, search for the code by keyword or by ICD-9/10 code. If you selected ICD-9 on the ICD Version option, the ICD-10 box will be replaced by the ICD-9 box.

If you are on an ICD-9 system and would prefer to use ICD-10, search for the ICD-9 code in conversion box below the ICD-10 code box and convert it to ICD-10.

Your ICD codes can also carry over appointment to appointment. You can enable that setting here.


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