Tracking Your Patient Problems with the Patient Problem List

The Patient Problem List is a convenient way to keep track of your patient's diagnoses. With the patient problem list, you can keep track of both active and inactive problems with a patient and have the problems auto-populated onto your appointments. To get started, open up a patient's profile (Patients > Patient List > Patient Name).


On the left-hand navigation bar, select 'Problem List'.


You'll be presented with the patient's Patient Problem List. Here you can view all of the patient's active problems, the codes associated with the problems, the medical terminology code (SNOMED), diagnosis date, change date, active status, and notes.

To add a problem to your patient, select the green '+Add Problem' button on the right-hand side of the page.

The 'Enter Problem' form will open. To add a problem, start typing in the 'Problem' field and the drchrono EHR will begin searching from our ICD database for results. Select a problem from the search results and your ICD code and SNOMED CT code will be auto-populated. Fill out the rest of the form and select 'Save' when complete.


The diagnosis for the patient will then appear in the 'Active Problems' section of the Patient Problem List.

With a robust Patient Problem List, you can have your newly created appointments auto-populate with active problems if so desired. To enable this setting, check out our guide here.





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