Creating and Using Custom Billing Statuses


Custom billing statuses are a great way to customize your practice's billing. If your practice has a specific workflow with respect to billing (ie. all billing is reviewed by someone prior to submission), you can make custom billing statuses to keep track of each step in the process.

To get started, mouse-over 'Account' on your navigation bar and select 'Custom Fields'.

You'll be presented with our Custom Data Management portal. Select Billing Statuses on the left-hand navigation bar.


At the Custom Billing Statuses page, you'll be able to view all your custom billing statuses.


To add a new billing status, select the green '+Add New Status' button.


Fill out the name, color, and description of the new billing status and select the blue 'Save' button when complete. Your billing status will now appear in the Custom Billing Statuses page.


To remove a billing status, you may select the 'Archive' button to the right of each billing status.


When you archive a billing status, the drchrono EHR will check if the billing status is being used by any appointments. If the billing status is being used, the following warning will appear. You will have the option to archive the status with and without resetting appointments to 'Not Submitted'. You may unarchive any archived statuses by selecting the 'Unarchive' button on your list of archived statuses.

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