How to edit box 32 in HCFA form?

This article explains how to edit the service location address that gets populated in the Box 32 of HCFA Form along with the place of service.

The address reflecting on Box 32 is transferred from the office where the appointment is scheduled. So, to make any changes to the address, you need to change the scheduling office address or create a new office and move the appointment to the new office.

Please follow the steps outlined below:

1. Hover over the “Account” and select “Offices”.

2. Click on “Edit” corresponding to the office.

3. To edit the facility name and the service location address, click on the “Basic” tab and enter the name in the “Facility Name“ field and the service location address. The name and address entered will appear in the Box 32 on the HCFA/1500.

4. To change the Place of Service (POS), select the code from the “Facility Code” dropdown:

If you would like the facility or another NPI to reflect on Box 32a. You will need to check the box that reads “Use facility NPI number in box 32a of HCFA form” and enter the NPI in “Facility NPI number” field.

If the field is left blank, drchrono will retrieve the NPI from the Account > Account settings > Billing tab > Rendering NPI field.

To input the provider number in box 32b, enter the number in “Facility provider number” field. Once you complete entering all information, click on “Save” at the bottom to save the changes.

Note: The facility address will reflect in HCFA form block #32 even when the office is marked POS 13.

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