How to post a HRA payment

HRA - Health Reimbursement Account.

Currently, we do not have an option to post the HRA payment in drchrono; however, as a workaround we can post the HRA payments in two ways. 

  1. By adding HRA as secondary insurance
  2. By posting as patient payment.

 Now, let us see how to post the payment by adding HRA as secondary insurance.

1. Open patient demographics.

2. Navigate to “Insurances” tab, and select secondary insurance.

3. Enter “HRA” in the Insurance company field and Save Demographics.

4. Now, open the appointment’s billing details screen to which we need to post the payment.

5. Click on the “+” sign corresponding to the line item to add a new transaction.  

6. Select the check date, posted date and enter the check# if you have one.

7. From the reason code drop down, select “Insurance payment “and enter the payment in the “Ins 1 paid” field.

8. From the insurance drop down, please select “[2] HRA” and click on “Verify and Save”.


Now, we will see how to post HRA payment as a patient payment.

When patient has a secondary insurance by default, in that case we cannot add HRA as secondary insurance. That is when we post the HRA payment as patient payment.

1. Hover the cursor on the Billing tab and select “Patient payments”.

2. Click on the patient payments tab and enter the patient name in the respective field and click on Search.

3. Select the payment date and appointment date to which we need to post the HRA payment.

4. Select the payment method from the drop-down.

5. In the Notes field enter “HRA payment or payment received from HRA”.

6. Enter the payment amount and click on “Add”.

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