iPad Workflow Basics: Walking Through an Appointment


To to begin, open your drchrono mobile app and select the 'EHR' button on your bottom navigation bar.


Open the appointment you wish to chart for.


Filling in Pre-appointment Vitals

If you have a nurse or another staff member take vitals before the provider comes in, you can have your nurse or staff member select the 'Vitals' button below the patient name to open a form that vitals can be entered. If the provider prefers to take vitals on his/her own, you may skip this step.


Beginning Your Visit

When your vitals are entered, if the provider is ready to see the patient, select the button labeled 'Start Visit'.

Begin filling out your default or custom templates you customized using the drchrono builder. When you fill out these fields, information will be auto-populated into your complete note for your records.


When you're done filling out your template, to move on to other templates, select 'Menu' to bring up your template menu then select your desired template.



When all the details of the appointment have been recorded, select 'View Complete Note'


A complete note will have been generated based on your inputs from your templates. Review the note, then select 'Sign & Lock'. 


After the appointment, you can also choose your billing status. Depending on your billing workflow, you can either leave the appointment with no status for your biller to manage, set it as internal review, or select a from a variety of insurance or payment statuses.



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