Template Builder: How to Make Fields Required

With the drchrono template builder, you have the option of making a field required. If a field is required, you will be given a 'required' warning indicator and you will not be able to sign and lock a note unless that field is completed.


To begin creating required fields, you need to access the builder. From your drchrono navigation bar, mouse over 'Clinical', then select 'Builder.


You'll be taken to the template builder page. Either create a new template or select an existing template.


Within the template, add or select a field. Below the label name there will be a 'Required Field' checkbox.


Make sure the checkbox is checked. When complete, hit the save button at the bottom of the template.


Now, when you fill out your template in either the web EHR or the mobile application, the corresponding field will be marked with a red 'Required' asterisk and will be required to fill out in order to sign and lock the note. Please note that if you place a required field in a template that you are not using for an appointment, you will still be required to go to that template and fill out the required field. 


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