iPad Workflow Basics: Finding and Adding Appointments



To to begin, open your drchrono mobile app and select the 'EHR' button on your bottom navigation bar.


You'll be taken to your most recently accessed appointment. To search for and access your appointments, you'll be using the blue appointment navigation bar towards the top of the screen.


Viewing Appointments By Schedule

If you select 'Appointment List' on your appointment navigation bar, you'll be shown your appointment schedule. Here you can view appointments by selecting them.



To dive deeper into your appointments while viewing your schedule, select 'Filters' at the upper left hand corner. Here you can search for appointments by exam room, date range, and billing status.


Searching for Appointments By Patient

In the upper right hand corner, you can tap on the magnifying glass icon to access the patient search option. Here you can type your patient's name in the search box or select an option from either the recent patient or recent appointments section.

Creating a New Appointment or Patient

If you would like to add an appointment to your schedule, you may select the '+' sign on the upper right hand corner to reveal the options to add a new appointment or patient.

If you select 'New Appointment', a form will appear that allows you to enter your basic appointment information. When you enter in the basic appointment information, you can hit save and your new appointment will appear in your schedule. From there on, you can edit your billing information, vitals, flags, and notes associated with the appointment.


If you select 'New Patient', a form will appear for you to add in basic patient information. When you select save, you'll be able to search for your new patient and schedule appointments under the patient's name.

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