How do I get help as a DrChrono user?


Account Changes

For any account related changes, our Account Management team is here to help. After you have gone through our implementation & training, you should have been assigned an account manager. You may contact your account manager for account help. If you forgot your account manager or their contact information, please email and someone who can help you will soon be in touch. Contact our Account Management team for the following services

  • Account Upgrades
  • Account Downgrades
  • Provider Additions
  • Account Suspensions
  • Undoing Suspensions
  • Account/Provider Settings
  • Account Review
  • Contract Renewal
  • New Feature Review
  • Invoices
  • Payments to DrChrono

Support Questions

Have a question about using DrChrono? Submit a ticket from our support center. If you would like more information on how to submit a support ticket, please read our guide here. Also please take a look at our help center which contains a wealth of self-help resources. Please feel free to contact support for any of the following questions.

  • Product Usage Questions
  • Feature Questions
  • Bug Submission
  • Meaningful Use Questions

Feature Requests

We're a startup and constantly growing and releasing new features. If you are excited as we are in creating new features, please let us know your ideas on our feature suggestion community at We listen to what our users want and implement features based on community popularity as well as a few features pressing and/or extraordinary. Thank you for being proactive and supportive of our development efforts!

Revenue Cycle Management Questions 

For specific revenue cycle management questions, you may call or email your account manager for basic assistance or submit a support ticket here. After submitting a ticket, a support member will be in contact with you about your question.

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