Web eRx Basics: How to Prescribe Medications via the DrChrono EHR

In the drchrono EHR, you have the ability to prescribe medications electronically. To do so, you'll need to have eRx set up. If you haven't done that yet, please visit our guide located here

Navigating to the eRx Page

To begin prescribing, open up a patient's chart (Patients > Patient List > Chart ID). To access the prescription page, select 'Send eRx' on the chart's left-hand navigation bar.


Creating a New Prescription

When you hit 'Send eRx', you'll be brought to the new prescription page. Here you'll be able to fill out a new prescription form for your patient. You can prescribe multiple prescriptions at once for a single patient by selecting the '+' button on the upper right hand corner.


To begin, start by searching for your drug in the 'Medication' box.


Once you've selected your medication, fill out the rest of the form. We have some helpful tools that can help you in this process. For SIG, we have an SIG builder tool to the left of the box and for dispensing, we have a weight dosage calculator. You can also add multiple medications to the prescription with the '+' icon above the medication form. For each medication, you have the option to add this medication to the patient's medication list to make future prescriptions easier. To do this, check the 'Add to Medication List' box near the bottom of the form.

 Once you're done filling out the medication form, select a pharmacy in the section below. Search for a pharmacy by pharmacy name or by zip code. Only pharmacies that are connected via Surescripts will be displayed. If you can't find the patient's pharmacy, you will need to look up the pharmacy on the web and fax the prescription manually.


To the right of the pharmacy name, you can add the pharmacy to your patient favorites or set it as patient default. 

When you're done, hit 'Preview Prescription' at the bottom of the page.


Previewing Your Prescription

Before you send your prescription, you need to preview the information. When you hit 'Preview Prescription', you'll be taken to the Prescription Summary. Here, check your drug's interactions and ensure the quantities are correct.


Finally, you're ready to send. To send your prescription electronically, hit the green 'Send Prescription' button. If you prefer to fax or need to print the prescription, you may also select those options to the left of the 'Send Prescription' button.


When you hit 'Send Prescription', the status of your prescription will change to 'OK' with a green check mark to indicate that the prescription has been sent to the pharmacy.

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