iPad eRx Basics: Prescribing via the DrChrono EHR Mobile Application


In the drchrono EHR, you have the ability to prescribe medications electronically. To do so, you'll need to have eRx set up. If you haven't done that yet, please visit our guide located here


Creating a New Prescription

To create a new prescription, enter the EHR through the navigation bar on your iPad. Then, navigate to a patient's chart.


Once you're at a patient's chart, tap on their name to reveal a drop-down menu. You want to select 'Send eRx'. This will bring you to the new eRx page.


Once you're at the new eRx page, fill out the form with your desired medication, your sig, the quantity, unit, and refills. When you're done, select 'Preview' in the upper right hand corner.


When you hit 'Preview', you'll be taken to the preview page. Go over your prescription information, then select 'Interactions' at the top of the page. Check your interactions and when you verify everything to be correct, hit 'Send' in the upper right hand corner.

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