How to get Proof of Timely from Emdeon

In order to get the proof of timely from Emdeon, first, we need to sign up with Emdeon.

1. To sign up, please click on the link below:

2. This will take you to the Emdeon home page. Now please click on “Click here to register”.

3. Here you need to enter your basic information like Facility name, Address, Tax ID etc and click on “Submit”.

Once you receive your credentials, login with the same from the link listed below:

4. Please click on “Claims” and select “Patient Search” from the drop down.

5. Then select “Date of Service” from the “Select Date Type” drop down.

6. Now select “Patient Last Name” from the “Search By” drop down.

7. Enter the date of service, patient last name in the respective field and click on “Submit”.

8. Once you click on “Submit”, you will see a list of claims. Now please find the claim that matches with the patient first name and the billed amount.

9. Now, click on the hyperlink corresponding to your matched claim.

10. Please find a printer like an icon towards the left top corner and click on it.

This will download the Proof of timely filing with all the claim information.

 If you have any questions in the instructions given above, please feel free to contact our drchrono support team at


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