Enabling Patient Payments in onpatient

By default, onpatient online payments are disabled. If this setting is enabled, your patient may use a credit or debit card to pay off their balances using the patient portal.


To begin, mouse over 'Account' on your navigation bar and select 'onpatient Settings'.


Within onpatient settings, select the 'Payments' tab.


On the 'Payments' tab select the 'Allow onpatient payments' option. Fill out the minimum payment you would like and select if you would only like to accept payments if the patient has a balance. When you're complete, hit 'Update onpatient Settings'.


Using onpatient Payments

Now that your onpatient payments are enabled, if you patient enters in a credit/debit card, they will be able to make payments to their balance by selecting 'Make a payment' in the billing section of their onpatient portal.


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