How to run a report by payer and their denial codes?


   While you are working on your claims, you may want to run a report per payer to see what type of denials you are receiving.  DrChrono makes finding this information simple and easy to do.  Just follow the steps below.


  • Hover over Billing and select Denial Analysis 2.0



  • Select the Detail tab.



  •  Uncheck the Display unbilled transactions only box and the Display claims with zero balance and click on Update.




  • From the Group By drop down, select Insurance and click on Update.



Your information will populate and list each line by reason/denial code.  You can click on any of the blue dollar amounts to see the actual claims that make up that denial.  It will also allow you to go into the individual appointment so you can take a closer look.


  • Click on the total amount corresponding to the insurance and the denial code to see all claims that received that denial code.  If you prefer, you can click on the blue dollar amounts under each aging bucket (0-30 days; 31-60 days; 61-90 days; 91-120; 121+) to drill down to the claim level:



To Export the report, simply click on Export to File and the report will generate and be available in your message center.






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