Scheduling a Telehealth/Telemedicine Appointment with Chiron


Scheduling a Telemedicine Appointment

With the Chiron Telemedicine integration you'll be able to schedule telemedicine appointments directly in your drchrono EHR. To schedule a telemedicine appointment, first navigate to the Schedule Appointment page like you would with a normal appointment (Schedule > New Event). Fill out this form mostly like you would with a normal appointment except for the 'Reason' field.

Under 'Reason' where you would normally fill out your reason to visit, make sure the word 'Telemedicine' (not case sensitive) is included somewhere within that field. You may have other words in the field (ie. "Philip's telemedicine appointment", "Telemedicine skin exam", or just "Telemedicine"). The drchrono EHR will recognize that this appointment is a telemedicine appointment and guide you through the next steps in the process.


When you click save on the appointment page, you'll be redirected to the Chiron appointment confirmation page. Your appointment details will have been automatically entered into the Chiron appointment scheduler.



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