Mobile EHR App: Signing Your Faxes

Mobile App: Signing Your Faxes

In your EHR, you can sign your outbound faxes with your digital signature. To begin, on your navigation bar, select the 'Messages' button to open your message center. In your message center, select outbound referrals to view a fax you have sent. There, select the fax button.




When you select the fax button for one of your faxes, if the fax is not signed, there will be a red "Not Signed" indicator. If you would like to sign the fax, select the 'Sign' button.



When you select 'Sign', a preview of your fax will open. There are two tabs at the top of the page: 'Move' and 'Sign'. Move allows you to move to the location of the fax that you wish to sign. Sign allows your finger movements to act as a pen on the document and will allow you to create your signature.




After moving to the desired location, select the 'Sign' button and draw in your signature. When complete, hit the 'Save' button. 



To confirm your signature, a green 'Signed' indicator will appear. Complete the rest of the fax and select send. Your sent fax will now include a copy of your signature in the location you placed it.


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